iPhone 5: Black or White?

Published on May 24th, 2013 | by John Chisholm


When my iPhone 3 died a few months ago, I upgraded to the iPhone 5.  At the Apple Store I quickly decided upon all of the options until the last one: color.  Did I want black or white? the sales lady asked.  I paused.

“Which one is more durable?” I asked.

“Definitely the white one,” she said.  “It doesn’t show scuffs or scratches as much as the black one.”

I was about to say, “OK, white,” but couldn’t quite bring myself to say it.  The white one made me uncomfortable.  Like wearing a white pair of shoes.  Or carrying a purse.

How would a white iPhone look, I wondered, while I chopped logs in flannel shirt and jeans, sweat dripping from my face? Or revved my Harley Davidson through the Sierras?  Or made a winning touchdown with thousands of fans cheering? I have never done any of these things and most likely never will.  Didn’t matter.

Would Clint Eastwood choose a white iPhone?  I don’t think so.

“I’ll take the black one,” I grunted.

By the time I got home that night, my new iPhone was online.  I dropped it on the floor and immediately noticed a tiny scratch on it.  Didn’t matter. It’s a man’s phone.  I plugged it in by my bed.

I hugged my Hello Kitty goodnight in her pink plaid tartan and tucked her in.  We both slept soundly, my black iPhone close at hand.

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